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Support and guidance for mobile families

I offer practical support and guidance to empower students and their families to thrive overseas. Through my personalised online services, we will be able to work together in privacy.

Student services

Examples of some of the ways I have supported and guided students over the last 25 years. After our initial chat I can start to get to know you and what services best fit your needs.
  • Well-being, social, emotional and academic support;
  • Time management and organisation skills;
  • Study skills and examination techniques;
  • Stress management;
  • Well-being life skills;
  • Guidance with university, college and other future pathway planning and applications, including GAP Year planning;
  • Transition support to a new international school, college, university and other future pathway routes.

Parent services

Parenting teens can be tough at the best of times. Parenting overseas without your normal support network may mean that you need to access the parent services I can offer you.

  • Help understanding different international school systems and curriculum models;
  • Help understanding the vastly different college, university and other future pathway opportunities, applications and scholarships available to globally mobile students;
  • Guidance navigating international school websites for relocations;
  • Support and guidance raising teenagers, and being a new parent, overseas;
  • Globally mobile teenager transitions – support before, during and post-transition;
  • Support and guidance with home-international school communications;
  • Support researching the best educational support services for global mobile children.

My approach

I work hard to build a strong, trusting and caring relationship so that I can offer a holistic approach.
I am positive, pragmatic and non-judgemental.

With each new student and family I work with, I draw on over 25 years of experience of working in a range of roles in a wide variety of international schools. Also, I use my daily experience as a parent raising a son overseas and studying in an international school. I have developed over the years an extensive professional network around the world to support me in my work. These experiences provide me with invaluable first-hand insight into the challenges that students and their families may face as well as practical support and guidance to empower students and their families to thrive overseas.

Where to start?

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Frequently asked questions

I am a trained and experienced international middle and high school guidance and college counselor. In this role, I have worked with 11-18 year old students in international schools to support their social and emotional well being, academic progress, career aspirations and college search and applications. I am not a registered counselor or therapist. However, I can help you find a registered counselor or therapist if needed. I have an extensive network of contacts from over 25 years of working with mobile families.

Whilst my professional experience over the last 25 years has been with young people and families in international schools many of the ways that young people and families may need guidance and support are common to mobile and non-mobile families.

A lot of my work in recent years has been providing transitional support for students going to university overseas. This work has included social, emotional and academic support and guidance for students during their university years. Many families feel more comfortable sending their children off to university overseas knowing that a trusted and experienced adult is providing their child with a bit of extra guidance and support. I also work with 9-11 year old students to provide transition to Senior / Middle School.

Yes. I offer small groups of friends and or parent sessions. For example, I have facilitated small group online Stress Management and Examination Techniques sessions for students and An Introduction to the IBDP and An Introduction to Applying to University in the UK sessions for parents.

I am a firm believer in building a strong and diverse support network and encouraging young people to do the same. We all need different types of support at different stages in our lives. I am offering to be another person, with a range of extensive professional experience, in your network who can support and guide you in a positive, pragmatic and non-judgemental way.

Finding the right person with whom you feel comfortable working with is an important process. To help with this process I offer the first 15-minute session for free with no further obligation or commitment. This way we have the chance to see if we feel comfortable working together. I will be honest with you if I am not the best person to give you the support and guidance you need and I will help you to find someone who is a better fit. I have an extensive network of contacts from over 25 years of working with mobile families.

Yes. Very much so. Sometimes we just need to talk through something with someone who has a range of extensive professional experience for support and guidance.

To book your first online session with me please complete the form in my contact page. Select the type of enquiry that says “Book my free call”. You will receive my reply within 48 hours. After your 15-minute complimentary call, you can decide whether to book your first online session or not, depending on our initial conversation. I offer sessions over Skype or WhatsApp webcam (audio-only if you prefer).
In order to pay for my online services, I suggest my clients use TransferWise. I will provide my bank details and you can transfer directly to my account.

My hourly rate is £125. I offer four and six-hourly package rates. Four-hour packages are £450 and six-hour package rates are £650. After our initial chat, we can together agree on the best package for your needs.

Book your online session

Need someone to help you understand international university options? Book your 15-minute complimentary call and see how I can help you.


I donate 50% of my income

With every new client, 50% of my income supports educational initiatives to empower young people in Rio de Janeiro’s Favela Community. I have established strong and meaningful partnerships with individuals and organisations to understand the support and guidance that young people need to fulfil their dreams.

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For every online session you book

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I donate 50% of your payment

Why donate to Rocinha Favela Community?

All young people deserve the same opportunities, support and guidance as they pursue their dreams. The Rocinha Favela Community is in my neighbourhood. I am currently living in Rio de Janeiro. Brazil with my husband and our teenage son.