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Kind words from my clients

I have worked with hundreds of international families over the years to overcome different challenges. From adjusting to a new international school curriculum to helping their children access and transition to their best-fit overseas university. Here is what they say about my work.

Kind words from my clients

I have worked with hundreds of international families over the years to overcome different challenges. From adjusting to a new international school curriculum to helping their children access and transition to their best-fit overseas university. Here is what they say about my work.

Maryo Olesen-Gratama van Andel

Parent. The Netherlands

Natasha Winnard was a great support to our family when we moved to Brazil. She guided our children and me through challenging times and was always ready to listen and offer sound advice.

Sarah-Jane Nelson

Executive & Career Transition Coach

Lucky students who get to work with Natasha. I’ve worked both alongside her and with her. She has a positive and pragmatic outlook, an encyclopaedic knowledge of university admissions (across the globe), emotional intelligence in spades, sensible and wise counsel and is utterly dependable. Most importantly, Natasha has an unrelenting belief in people’s abilities to fulfil their potential. She’s dedicated and passionate about what she does – and this really shines through.

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Jamie Lynch

PE Teacher. International School of Tianjin, China

Natasha’s passion for helping others, commitment to her work and care for the social and emotional wellbeing as a compassionate mentor to students is commended and admired. Natasha has a talent for encouraging personal growth and development, nurturing undiscovered potential in her students. Natasha is kind and inclusive of others, with an appreciation for cultural sensitivity and individual needs given her diverse experiences abroad. She offers a wealth of knowledge and experience, exudes a positive and forward-thinking outlook on life and is an absolute pleasure to work with.

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Harriet Martin

Parent. London, England

Natasha is a woman of exceptional wisdom and compassion. As their college counsellor she advised my children frequently with great empathy and understanding, taking time to understand their perspective and helping them navigate the complex and often opaque world of adult expectations and demands. Even though they are no longer in her care, they still look to her for much needed advice on university and careers choices. And for all of us, who had children in her school, we continue to value her leadership and insights around the challenges of parenting. Anyone, young or old, who is lucky enough to be counselled by Natasha is incredibly lucky.

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Inès and Marielle Lecerf de Spa

IB student with her mother, Madrid

We have been extremely fortunate to benefit from Natasha’s wealth of experience supporting graduating students from her previous roles both as an educator and as a college counselor for international schools.
Her ability to seamlessly navigate the full spectrum of universities worldwide, by providing a thorough understanding of their distinct profiles, application requirements and educational systems, uniquely positions her as top-ranking international advisor. Natasha has been an invaluable resource throughout Inès’ college application process: her attention to detail, timely feedback, level of empathy and professional wisdom have been determining factors resulting in Inès’s successful university acceptances. We highly recommend Natasha’s guidance and support to any student interested in pursuing an international college education.

Suprad Kafle

Resident Assistant and Student at St John’s University, USA

Natasha was my college counselor at Khartoum International Community School during the final years of my high school days. Coming in as an international student in Year 10 was very intimidating. Nevertheless, her warm and kind personality, as well as her genuine care for her students, made it very easy for me to approach her for advice and guidance. I remember when things weren’t exactly going my way, she would help me strategize, think logically and make decisions based on facts which really helped me in making big decisions in my life. I am very thankful that I got the pleasure to work with Natasha.

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Hanna Byrne

Parent. Dubai, UAE

Natasha has a rare gift for blending education and motherhood. She helped me settle our son in his first international school, she was always available to answer any of my questions and when it was time to move on she guided me with finding our son’s next school.

Abdel-Rahman Ghandour

Parent. Lebanon

Natasha greatly helped our daughter manage her occasional stress and anxiety and transformed her energy from negative to positive. She felt more valued through Natasha’s subtle, gentle approach.

Amel Elawad

Applied Physics Student. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA

Going to an international school was a foreign and intimidating experience for me but Natasha was the person that helped me adjust and find my place in that school. Through the International Baccalaureate experience and applying to universities you need an ally, and that is who she was to me and to all her students. Mrs Natasha was always present; physically, mentally and emotionally. She was always there to meet with me to give me continuous guidance and support on almost everything and anything I was going through whether it involved talking about academics, or non-academics. Having that relationship with Natasha was core to my development and I took everything she taught me about achievement, community, care and respect with me to college as I continue to try to follow her example. As a young adult with ambitions and fears, it’s very difficult to stay focused and not let that overwhelm you. More often than not your ambitions seem bigger than your own world. Yet, Natasha was there to ground me and give me courage every step of the way.

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Ahmed Sobahi

Politics and International Relations Graduate. University of Kent, UK

Natasha was by far the most demanding yet understanding mentor. She demanded your best and would highlight your potential, even though you did not realize it…Natasha was my primary source of motivation and determination during my high school years that enabled my future success.

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Dinan Waleed Alasad

Economics and Econometrics student. Royal Holloway, University of London, UK

Natasha was my college and guidance counsellor for 2 years. I can undoubtedly say that without her support I would not have been able to narrow down my goals and achieve them to my full potential. Three years later, I still use the “toolkit” of productivity and wellness strategies she taught me to help with the challenges I face in life. I am forever grateful for her wisdom, compassion and well-balanced approach and consider myself incredibly lucky to have been her student.

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Abdelgader Eldaw

Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student. Imperial College London, UK

If you are someone who needs help finding direction, encouragement and a road map than you simply cannot do better than Natasha. She kept our goals and objective clear, gave timely advice and made it easy to jump into my university course and transition after. That kind of support is simply too rare to pass up. However, the best thing about Natasha’s guidance never did turn out to be what I got at graduation. Rather she gave me the tools to overcome life’s obstacles.

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Reem Awad

International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies Masters Graduate Student. London School of Economics (LSE), UK

Without Natasha’s encouragement, I don’t think I would have ended up at St Andrew’s and at LSE completing my masters. She helped shape my interests, thoughts and opinions and made me feel like I had something to offer. I think more than that, she made me see the benefit of having someone to talk to, someone to guide you and how you can do that by being caring, understanding and patient.

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